as portrayed by Colin Morgan
in BBC One’s Merlin
via Photoshop CS5

by radicalhaledrum
for myrdxn

Logan Lerman
via Photoshop CS5

by radicalhaledrum

Prince Gumball
As seen from Adventure Time
via Photoshop CS5

by radicalhaledrum

Harry Osborn
as portrayed by Dane DeHaan
in the Amazing Spiderman 2 (2013)
via Photoshop CS5

by radicalhaledrum

Wiccan ( Billy Kaplan )
from Marvel’s Young Avengers
Photoshop CS5; Basic Brushes.

by radicalhaledrum
for kaplxn

Dane DeHaan
Canson A3 size; 90 GSM
2B 0.5 Rotring Lead + Mechanical Pencil
7B Staedtler Pencil

by radicalhaledrum
for darkandlightwithin

To-Do list. ( read: A list of things I started and will probably never finish. ) We have Kenneth Vareck, Carol Danvers, Jake Sheehy, Ken Murata, & Billy Kaplan. Their lines aren’t even finalized yet, and I want them colored and properly shaded too. —— the off-days are dwindling away as August comes.


For merlinsprat, my beautiful blog of the month! 

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I’ve been through two sides of tumblr: one being the fandom centered, and the other local one from here in the Philippines that I cannot completely fathom. It makes me ask,

Can a society function without the concept of fame and idolatry?


NY sunset jumpstergram.

jeekyfins said:

 HEY. I FAILED LIKE 40 units. That’s 3 subjects, no less than 2x each! XD

The irony is that it’s a minor subject. It’s not even an Engineering Class. It was High School level Geology and I shrugged it off because it was High school level. Eh heh

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The making of UP sablays.

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